A phone case that is too girly to be a phone case is like a woman who has no friends, so she’s not even able to hang out with her friends, says a new New York City magazine article.

This is because a woman has no time to make friends with her best friends.

“In the end, a girly phone case feels like an empty void, but it also feels like a place of real, intimate connection,” writes the magazine’s art director, Alison Bechdel.

And that’s exactly what makes the phone case a woman’s best friend, the article states.

But the article also points out that this lack of friendship can also be the problem for a woman, as it can make her feel inadequate or less important in her life.

And, Bechdl writes, this can be the cause of the kind of loneliness women experience, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

Bechdels goal is to encourage women to take control of their emotions and emotions are often difficult to control, especially when they are in relationships with men.

So she wanted to find ways to “empower women” by highlighting how we can “embrace our inner selves and our inner fears” in order to become happier. 

What we can do: Create your own phone case, like the one shown here, that you can wear around your neck and a phone with your phone on it, so you can “talk to people on the phone.” 

Make a girlish phone case out of cotton and paper, and make sure you make it girly too, like this one shown in the magazine article, which includes the words “Girly Phone Case.”

Create a girish phone case in your closet.

Be sure you have your favorite color, like a pinky or pinky-white one.

And make sure it’s a girishly girlish-looking phone case. 

Find the best phone case for you and your partner, like these two examples from the magazine. 

You’ll need to take some time to figure out the colors and patterns, but you should start with something simple and girlish.

You can make a girley phone case with some cotton and some paper and stick it to your neck or on your phone. 

And if you don’t have the money for a case yourself, there are a few good companies to help you out.

Etsy and Etsy.com are two popular online sellers that can help you find a phone or other accessory you want.

Becca Cramer, founder and director of BeccaCramer.com, has done the research for this article.

She also writes the blog, Becca.com.

And you can get help with finding girly fashion trends and buying accessories with Becca at her website, BeccaCramerShop.com .

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