You may not have noticed, but your smart phone case doesn’t just disappear after you leave your house.

It gets a new life somewhere else.

The latest smart phone model, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, was recently stolen from a store in Seoul, South Korea.

In an article on Reddit, user Tammie_Took a photo of the case before it was taken away and posted it to the subreddit.

The thief made sure the case’s battery would be charged before taking it.

That’s right, the thief left the case charging, even though it was fully charged.

Tammies phone case was never charged again.

The thief then took the phone’s battery and used it to power up the Galaxy Note 7, which was recently found with a battery pack stolen from the same store.

The case was then sold on eBay.

The seller listed it as a “GSM Black Edition.”

The buyer on eBay claimed that he was only using the phone as a charging station, and he did not want the case returned.

The seller claims to be a professional hacker and has a history of breaking into smartphones.

However, TammiTook did not have the means to actually track down the seller.

So Tammys story is more of a testament to the fact that there are still people who would do anything to steal your smartphone.

In this case, the thieves got away with something the average thief would never do.

The battery is not completely dead and is still capable of charging.

So if you’re looking for a cheap smart phone, it’s time to check out another option.

If you’re tired of hearing about phone cases that have been stolen, here’s one to consider:The best smart phone charger is one you can trust

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