A new shark phone can save you when you’re in a water tank, and the case is just the beginning.

According to a report from the BBC, a new shark smartphone case can stop water leaks and save you if you’re using it in a tank.

This isn’t just about the phone itself, though, as this shark phone was designed to prevent the shark from biting the user, according to the report.

According the BBC:The phone’s design, built with a combination of metal and glass, is designed to protect users from the shark and prevent the phone from sliding off the user’s face.

The case has been made of an ultra-hard material called Tungsten (tungsten is a very dense material), which helps to absorb water and create a protective barrier.

It was created by Japanese designer Shinsuke Yamamoto, who is credited with inventing the shark phone in 2004.

It has two removable cameras that can take a picture of the user from a distance of up to 30 feet (10 metres).

The smartphone also has a heart rate monitor that can monitor the user and display information about their breathing, heart rate, oxygen level and oxygen saturation.

The shark phone has an additional camera for capturing video of the shark’s eye, which can also be used to monitor its movement and its heartbeat.

A separate battery is included, and it can be used in both water tanks and tanks with external outlets.

The battery is also waterproof, and is able to last for up to three years.

As well as protecting users from sharks, the phone also allows for wireless charging and provides a camera that can be remotely activated for video recording.

The design of the phone has been praised by some of the designers of shark phones, who describe it as a work of art.

“This phone is a masterpiece, and I cannot say enough good things about it,” wrote one designer.

Another designer called it “a very unique design and a great innovation”, adding: “The design was really original, it was very functional and I think it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever seen.”

The BBC reported that the shark phones’ design is inspired by the famous Japanese shark, but the shark has been around for centuries, so this design may not be so unique after all.

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