A phone case made by SpongeBob SquarePants has been the inspiration for the creation of a new phone case for a SpongeBob smartphone.

The SpongeBob Phone Case was designed by Australian designer and SpongeBob fan, Rob Fyfe, and the device was made for a phone he was working on for a company called Zippo.

Fyke said he wanted the phone case to make an impact on the way people looked at their phones and it was his hope that the case would bring a positive message about the quality of life, health and environmental benefits of making your own mobile phone.

“It’s a phone case that you can take with you anywhere,” Fyde said.

“The main thing about it is it’s waterproof so you can get to wherever you want.”

Fyre said he hoped that SpongeBob would be able to see the appeal of the phonecase, even if he wasn’t the main one behind the idea.

“I think SpongeBob and his friends have really come through in their design and I think the people that love SpongeBob will appreciate it.”

The Spongebobs Phone Case is one of a range of products designed by Fybe to promote sustainable technology, and is the latest addition to the SpongeBob collection that Fyff said was “inspired by his favourite TV shows”.

“I like SpongeBob, so I wanted to put something that Spongebob would be interested in and I thought the phone was an amazing idea,” Fylkes told Al Jazeera.

“So I designed it, and I started thinking about how to put it together and then realised I was missing a key element.”

The design involved a special type of sponge and the idea was to make the phone a “sustainable” product.

“You know that sponge, the one you can find in your garden?”

Fyffe said.

He said the sponge was designed with the goal of making a phone that would be more affordable than many smartphone cases, but that it was also intended to “make people’s lives better”.

The spongebobb is designed with a special kind of sponge in mind, and Fyefe says the design will allow SpongeBob to enjoy “the fruits of his labor”.

“He’s not going to be in a factory or doing the same thing every day,” FYFE said.

Fylke said that the Spongebobb was “made to fit his personality”.

“His Spongebobby style is going to fit SpongeBob’s style,” he said.

The sponge bobb is also designed to fit into a case, and it can be easily attached to any phone case.

The design was inspired by SpongeBobby, and was the inspiration behind the design of the SpongeBobb phone case, which Fyfle said was the first phone case he had ever designed.

“He came up with it when he was at school and he said, ‘If you want to look like SpongeBob, put that in a case’,” Fyf said.

Spongebobbies phone case is also the inspiration of the design for the Spongebill phone case from the Spongey, the name of the series of toys that SpongeBobs wife, Squidward, wears.

Fyre said the Spongebish phone case was also inspired by the show, and he believed it was the right thing to do.

“We’re talking about a show that SpongeRobot was obsessed with,” Fyre told Al-Jazeera.

“SpongeRobot’s SpongeBass and SpongeBabass are the SpongeRobots, they’re just like him.”

Fyre and Fylfe say they have “a really fun time making stuff” and have been making Spongebilly themed Spongebunny items since 2009.

“People want to wear SpongeBots stuff,” Fyles said.

But, he added, “the reality is that it’s not as good as it’s supposed to be”.

The SpongeBilly Phone Case will be available to order in October and Fyre is currently working on a limited run of Spongebills phone case kits.

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