You can’t make a phone case out of cardboard.

But you can make one out of an old cardboard box.

That’s what a company called B&C is making for a limited time, and it’s an amazing gift for the person who loves to decorate.

B&amps is a company that specializes in making phone cases out of old boxes and old toys.

They make these cardboard phone cases for a little less than $30.

The cardboard phone case is made out of a plastic box, and is made with recycled materials like recycled cardboard.

So the company says it can last up to a year and that it’s 100 percent recyclable.

The company sells these cases for about $40.

There’s a limited edition one available now for $75.

You can find out more about the phone case here.

The company also offers a limited run of three other cases, called the Box Phone Case, the Paper Phone Case and the Vinyl Phone Case.

These cases are made from recycled cardboard, and are $30 each.

You get a cardboard phone box, cardboard case and a phone.

They can be bought online or in stores, but they are limited to one per customer.

The phone case has a removable back, which is great for kids who love to decorat.

The phones come with a small piece of paper that they can fold into a book.

The case is also designed to fit over the phone.

You also get a removable sticker on the phone, so you can put stickers on it to decorating.

It comes in a plastic pouch that is reusable.

The plastic pouch is $30, and you can also buy a separate plastic pouch for $25.

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