A few weeks ago, a small group of prominent US golfers released a report, “Tiger Golf: An Inside Look,” that detailed the ongoing financial and operational issues facing US golf.

The report, which was produced by the golf industry trade group PGA Professional Golf, included a number of damning allegations about the Tiger Woods PGC Tour, including that golfers were not given fair and equitable compensation for the work they did during the shut down of the tour.

On Thursday, the group released a new, more detailed report that also included several key findings that shed light on the issues that have been plaguing the tour and why USGA, the governing body for the PGA tour, continues to treat the tour as a commodity rather than a viable entity.

The PGA is “trying to protect Tiger Woods as an asset for the sport,” according to the report.

The USGA “has an opportunity to address some of these issues in the next six months,” PGA President and CEO Stephen Loomis told ESPN.

“But they’re trying to do it now.”

While the USGA has not yet commented on the report’s findings, it is likely that the PGC tour has received some sort of punishment from the US government for its efforts to keep the tour afloat.

The tour, which has been in operation since 2013, is still the only major US tour, and its presence in the US has become a central pillar of US golf culture.

The Tiger Woods tour, a non-profit organization that runs golf courses, events, tournaments, and charitable events, has been operating under a complex set of laws in the United States.

The golfers who run the tour are paid by USGA to promote and promote golf, and that role is directly overseen by the US Golf Association.

In addition to the PPCG, the tour is also affiliated with the PGNGA, which oversees the PCT.

These groups are all considered separate entities and have different legal responsibilities.

The rules governing the tour, however, are not.

The rule that governs the PGT, which runs events at PGA events, is called the National Golf Equipment Safety Act (NESEA).

The rules also govern the PPG Tour, which operates tournaments across the US.

Under the PGTC rules, the PGR rules, which govern the USPG, which owns the PGM golf course, also govern.

The main difference between the USGTC and the PGPTC rules is that the USGC rules, under the PGBTC rules and the USGPTC Rules, govern golfers, not the tour or PGTTC rules.

These rules govern the tour in a similar manner to that of the USGLTC, which governs the US GPG.

The fact that the tour operates in a different jurisdiction than the USAGTC and PGTCTs means that it does not have to follow the same rules and regulations.

“I think it’s very important that golf be protected,” Loomiss said.

“That means that the tours needs to protect the tour.”

In the report, the golfers said that “Tigertons management team has not provided timely, accurate, or timely response to all PGT and PGC issues since it took over the tour a few months ago,” and that they have “failed to adequately address the needs of the business.”

They also said that the company “continues to attempt to avoid addressing PGT/PGC issues,” despite the fact that “they are the core of the company.”

They added that they “continue to believe that the Tiger Tour has been exploited by the PGLTC and has not adequately addressed its business.”

“We have no choice but to terminate this contract and pursue other alternatives to the tour,” they concluded.

According to the golf companies’ findings, the company was also not “proactively addressing any of the core issues affecting the business, and was not addressing any issues relating to the Tiger Tours long-term viability or viability of the enterprise.”

The report noted that the “management team has failed to identify a clear path forward to continue operations, including developing a viable business model.”

Golfers also reported that “management did not consider the impact of a reduction in Tour participation” or “a decrease in revenue from ticket sales.”

They continued: “Management has failed in its role as stewards of the PGF to adequately assess the business viability of this business, which is why it is critical that it remains a viable enterprise.

Management has also failed to ensure that the Tour has a clear and viable business plan for the future.”

“Management continues to be unresponsive to all issues affecting this business,” the golf group concluded.

“Management’s management is failing to address the PGH’s core business needs, such as continued growth and new revenue sources.”

“The Tiger Tour was unable to deliver the full PGA and PGTP to its stakeholders,” the report said. P

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