When it comes to the “disney phones,” you can’t be too careful with these phones.

In a perfect world, these phones would be safe and sound, but sometimes you just have to take them out for a walk or a quick call.

Here are ten of our favorite “disneys” phones to play with.


Disney Phone Case This phone case is so adorable and will probably be the first one you put on your phone.

Its a little on the expensive side, but the best part is that it can also be used as a phone case!

The phone case comes with a few different accessories, such as a speaker, speaker cable, and a magnetic cable to hold the phone together.

You can also add a magnetic charging port for extra power.

The case is a little big for most people, but you can also attach it to a belt or even your desk.


The Original Disney Phonecase This is one of our favorites, and its also one of the most difficult to come by.

Disney has a large collection of phones, but it usually only sells a few of them, so it takes some time to get your hands on one.

This phone is one that we really love because it can be used with any of their phones, including their own.

The phone cases come in a variety of different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your phone without buying anything expensive.


Apple Phone Case Apple has released a few phone cases that you can buy with the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 case is great for people with a large amount of money to spend, and it comes in two different sizes.

The 3.7mm version has an included charger, and the 4.9mm version is the best option if you need more space for your battery.


Samsung Phone Case Samsung phones are usually much cheaper than iPhones, and this phone case can be one of those phones that you never want to buy again.

This case is made of thick plastic, and is made to withstand even the most severe drops.

It comes with an included cord, speaker, and phone cable.


Disney iPhone Case Disney iPhone cases have been around for a long time, but they are very popular with kids and families.

This is a great option if your kids want a Disney phone case for Christmas or a birthday gift.

The cases come with a removable battery, speaker cord, and speaker cable.


Samsung Galaxy Phone Case You know Samsung phones really well.

The Galaxy S8+ case is one case that we recommend to any Disney fans, and that is the one that you probably own.

This Galaxy phone case features a magnetic charger, a USB port, and even a magnetic phone cable to connect to your iPhone.


Nintendo Phone Case Nintendo is known for making really cute cases, and their phone cases are among the best we have ever seen.

This Nintendo phone case has a removable camera case and a removable USB port.


Sony Phone Case Sony is known as a company that makes really cute phones, and they recently released a phone cases line called The Line.

These phones come with removable batteries and speakers, and are also made of polycarbonate.


HTC Phone Case HTC phones are often among the most expensive in the world, and HTC has released some pretty nice phones.

This HTC phone case includes a removable microphone, speaker and USB port for charging, and also has a protective cover to protect the phone.


LG Phone Case LG phones are known for having really good build quality and designs, so this LG phone case should be one you definitely want to have on your device.

It also has an extra-large speaker and an included phone cable for extra audio.

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