The world’s first weird phone case has been made.

The $30 smartphone case is a modified iPhone case that features a knife-like handle that opens and closes by pressing a button on the back.

It can be used as a phone case for both Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

But there is a problem: the knife handle has to be removed for it to work, and there are also only three of them available.

The company that made the case, the company called The Knife Company, also makes a similar design called a pocket knife.

And it has an even more unusual twist.

The Knife Company said it was inspired by the design of the Japanese samurai sword called the “Ninja Knife” and was looking for an innovative way to use it for its phone case.

The Ninja Knife is a large knife that can be concealed in the pocket.

When the handle is raised up to allow it to fit inside the pocket, it opens and it folds down into a pocket.

The first version of the case features a curved handle that can hold up to a knife and a button that allows the phone to be hidden in the case.

But it was a design that had a lot of challenges.

The knife was bulky and made from plastic.

And while it is waterproof, the design has an odd curved blade that could cause damage if someone was to hold the phone.

“We knew we wanted a case that was a little bit more functional, but also a little more unique,” The Knife Co. CEO Scott McGlinchey said.

McGlincher and the company’s two co-founders, Ben Crouch and David Pritchard, were inspired to make the phone case after a friend asked if they could make something that would make a phone a better phone than an iPhone.

“Our friend’s question was: ‘How do you make something so much cooler?'”

McGlough said.

He wanted something that was going to be a little fun, something that wasn’t too hard to make.

He said he liked the idea of a phonecase that was not just a phone but something you could hang in your pocket or pocket in your jacket.

“It’s a lot cooler to hang something that you know you’ll be using on your phone,” McGloughes said.

It took a while, but the company was finally able to produce the phonecase.

“The Ninja Blade was a prototype,” McGough said, and it is still in production.

But the phone cases are still limited.

The company only makes the iPhone case and the case for Samsung Galaxy phones, and the ones for Apple’s phones are not yet available.

And even though the case is only available in Japan, it is not limited to that country either.

The Ninja Blade is available in Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

“I think we’ve made a great start,” McGrays said.

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