The NHL’s black phone cases are back, but the latest one is an unusual one.

A black phone casing, designed to protect a puck in the net, has become a popular accessory for the game, but it can also be a bit pricey.

It’s hard to find an official price on the new Pelican phone cases.

A Pelican spokesperson said it’s an accessory that’s not currently available, but said they’d be able to offer more information soon.

Here’s what you need to know about the Pelican Black Phone Case.

Pelican says the Pelico phone case is a great accessory for puck maintenance and protection because it’s easy to install and uses a single, easy-to-clean adhesive.

The company recommends a light coat of paint, along with a coat of sealant to seal the plastic.

It also has a black primer, a coat that will seal the paint but doesn’t make the case any harder to clean.

The Pelican website says it’s available in two sizes, one for the big boy and one for small ones.

Pelico also sells two versions of the Pelko Pelican smartphone case: a light gray for small and large, and a dark gray for medium and large.

The light gray version will cost you $79.99.

The dark gray version, which will cost $149.99, will be the only version of the case on sale.

Pelco says the black case will be available in June for $49.99 each.

Here are some other things you need know about Pelican’s new Pelico Black Phone Cases: Pelican has made an exception for a black Pelico Pelican case, which costs $129.99 at the NHL Store.

Pelino also sells a black-and-white version for $69.99 that will have a light-colored finish and a black finish, which is a different finish for the Pelco Pelican.

Pelica has not released a color for the white version of its Pelico Phone Case yet, but says it will be in a limited edition in late June.

The new Pelco Phone Cases are Pelico’s first foray into the black phone industry.

The NFL’s official black phone company, the Philadelphia Eagles, has a different black phone cover for its team phones, called the Philly Black.

But in the NHL, Pelican will offer a black cellphone case for the puck.

Peloic said it wanted to go with a black puck case for its Black phone case because it wants to be able wear black in different places.

It hopes that the new black puck cover will appeal to fans and other hockey fans, too, because the black cover will be easier to clean and the puck won’t have to be in the bag at all.

The NHL has yet to announce a price for the new Black Phone cases.

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