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Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new microSD slot-loading, card-inserting microSD memory card that it says can be used to store files in a variety of ways, including “mobile data” (with the caveat that the card may only be used for storage of the user’s device’s media).

The Marvell 8710 is priced at $19.99, $14.99 for a standard version, and $14 for a 256GB version.

The cards are meant to be inserted into a USB port, but they can also be inserted in an expansion slot, so users can plug in an external drive or SD card reader, or even a smartphone.

It’s not clear how the card is supposed to be used, or how much it’s supposed to cost.

The card also apparently doesn’t support Android and iOS.

The company says that it is not using the card for any other purpose besides storage.

The new Marvell cards have a maximum capacity of 64GB, but Samsung says it is working on adding more memory slots and will eventually expand the card’s capacity.

The new cards will be available starting next year, but the company is selling the Marvel 8810 at a reduced price.

Samsung has been making microSD cards in-house for a few years, and it has been pushing out new versions of its existing cards.

The most recent iteration of the card, known as the Marvella, is a 128GB card, and there are also a handful of other new versions that include 256GB.

Samsung’s Marvell Cards have been a boon for consumers who have had trouble getting their data from an external storage provider.

In the past, those users had to rely on local carriers to access their data.

In 2017, Samsung started selling its own, more affordable card for $29.99 that supports Android and a handful other mobile operating systems, and in 2018 it launched its own 128GB version that supports iOS, as well as other Android devices.

Samsung has said that the Marvesla cards are also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S7, which comes in at $49.99.

It says that the cards are compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and that Samsung will release additional cards for that phone in the future.

Samsung has also started selling the 256GB Marvell Marvell 8910 micro SD card, which is available for $14 per card.

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