When you hear the word “phone case,” most people think of an expensive, bulky, and bulky piece of plastic.

But what if you could replace it with a smartphone case?

In this episode of the Game Boy Life podcast, a team of Japanese engineers and game developers talk about how to make a smartphone phone case that is actually cool.

The team behind the new case is called YS, and it uses a number of different methods to make it.

For one thing, it’s not a phone case at all, but a game console.

And, because it’s a game box, it doesn’t need to be able to handle all the internal parts of the console, so it can be made from a lot of different materials.

In fact, YS says it’s been made from metal and plastic, glass, wood, and even aluminum.

The team is using a special material that has been approved by the FDA for its use as a game controller, and they have also been testing it out on different mobile platforms.

The idea behind YS is that it is the ultimate gaming accessory, so you can easily add it to your phone to add some variety to your smartphone collection.

It also sounds like an awesome idea for kids.

In the video above, you can see the team working on the prototype.

The video below explains more.

The game box itself has some very cool features, including a USB port that can be used to charge the phone or transfer the data.

The case itself is made of plastic, so there’s no need for a case for the phone itself.

YS also uses a plastic case to protect the phone when it’s in a case.

It even has a rubberized material that can hold your phone against a hard surface.

And for the most part, the team says it has taken great care to make the case as durable as possible, so if you ever need to take it apart, it can take a few hours to do so.

There’s a little bit of a wait for the official product, but YS has already started shipping out cases for a number different phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S3, which was released last month.

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