Black phone cases have been around for years, but now the world is getting ready for something new.

Blackphone, a smartphone case company based in Canada, announced the launch of its Pelican Phone Case today, a sleek and futuristic device that’s ready to stand out in your arsenal.

The Pelican Blackphone Case is designed to stand on its own, yet it has everything you need for a hands-free, one-handed phone call.

The phone case is made out of high-grade polycarbonate plastic, with a unique shape that is made up of a rounded “tongue” that protrudes from the top of the case.

The tongue also has a special micro-adjustment to fit the size of the phone you are holding in your hands.

The pelican phone’s “tongs” feature an invisible, soft, and non-slip feel, allowing it to fit your hand comfortably without being too large.

The top of your phone will have a built-in speaker that will allow you to take calls and stream videos while the Pelican black phone’s battery can also provide up to four hours of battery life, according to Pelican.

There are three colors of the Pelicon Blackphone: Black, Orange, and Red, with the latter two colors being only available for the Pelico and Pelican Pro models.

Pelican says that the Blackphone case has a “smooth and elegant finish,” and that it comes with a special battery cover that will last for up to 18 months.

The case is available for purchase at Pelican, and the company is also working on a new Pelican Pelican Smartphone Case that is also available for preorder at the time of writing.

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