In a recent post, I argued that you should probably not replace your smartphone cases because they are not waterproof, and because the adhesive that covers them does not seal well against moisture.

In the weeks since then, a few readers have suggested that if you really, really want to replace your case, you should replace the adhesive on the bottom of the case.

But, it turns out that you can actually do that, too.

The adhesive that you need is a non-toxic, colorless silicone that you will find at most hardware and electronics stores, and it’s available at many health and beauty stores.

You can also buy it at many online retailers, including Amazon.

(It is also available in some specialty stores.)

In order to remove the adhesive, you first need to remove some of the material that is covering the phone’s back cover, the back of the device, and the plastic back cover.

First, you need to wipe the adhesive off the back cover with a paper towel, and then remove the cover and the back.

You then need to carefully remove the back and cover, and you’ll need to use a screwdriver to gently slide them off.

After you have removed the adhesive from the back, you’ll want to clean the back with a damp cloth.

You may want to do this before removing the phone from the case, as the adhesive can stick to your phone if you touch it.

To clean the adhesive cleanly, you can apply a gentle, but firm, rubbing motion to the back case with your fingers.

The back cover is the part that houses your phone.

The adhesive on this part will stick to the phone and make it difficult to remove if you are not careful.

In order to get the adhesive out, you will need to take the back off, then flip the phone over and place it on the desk, so that the adhesive doesn’t stick to it.

You will need a sharp knife to cut the back up, so be careful not to cut your thumb or finger.

Once you have your phone out, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the adhesive.

If you need more help with this process, check out my article, How to Remove Your Phone Cases, which contains a list of the most common and best adhesive-removal methods available.

To replace the back-cover, you use a different adhesive, a nonstick silicone that is available at most health and makeup stores, including Target, Walgreens, and Costco.

(There are also some specialty retailers that sell this adhesive.)

The adhesive is very flexible and will not stick to anything.

To remove it, you must remove the rubber backing, which can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it.

I recommend that you use an elastic band or rubber band band to hold your phone, and if possible, you would also like to avoid using any other type of adhesive.

If you have a phone that is already in its case, use your fingers to lift the phone up off the desk.

Be careful not overuse your fingers, as this can damage the adhesive and the phone, which will not be covered in adhesive.

You could also try pressing your hand on the back to push the phone out.

This will help to keep the adhesive in place, but it is not recommended.

The only way you can get the phone to go away is if you push it hard enough with your thumb.

You should always put the phone on the floor, as that is where it will be most likely to be damaged.

Finally, you might want to use some sort of adhesive-retainer or adhesive-lubricant to seal your phone case.

The silicone adhesive is strong, and will stick pretty well to anything you apply it to.

I have found that a small amount of lube works well to get it on my phone case and seal it.

If your phone has a screen protector, try putting a little bit of lubed-up lube around the edge of the protector to seal it, as well.

This is the backcover that is the hardest part of your phone to remove.

It will be much easier if you simply peel it off with a sharp razor blade, as it is a bit of a mess.

Once the phone case is off, you are done with the adhesive removal process.

If the adhesive has already stuck to the top of your device, you may want a different type of removal method.

You’ll need a knife or something similar, and remove it carefully with a razor blade.

The rubber back cover should be off, too, and is not attached to anything other than the phone itself.

You might want a couple of screws and a small bit of string to help get the rubber back back off.

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