Motorola is offering two new flip phone case options for its flagship smartphone line up, but they’re different from the usual ones.

The company is now offering a flip phone bag and flip phone backpack.

The flip phone phone bag is the most basic case available for the Flip Phone line up and will be the one Motorola offers with the new Flip Phone cases.

You’ll get a flip case that fits on a normal phone case with no other accessory.

The flip phone pack will come in two sizes, the smaller being the “medium” and the larger being the larger.

The Flip Phone bag has two slots for phone cases and is one of the few cases that will be compatible with Flip phones.

It has a front-facing camera, a front microphone and a 3.5mm jack.

The Flip Phone backpack is the “larger” case, has a microphone, an earpiece and a 2.5 mm jack.

Both cases are made out of high-density polycarbonate plastic and will retail for $199.99 on Motorola’s website.

Both cases are compatible with the Flip phone line up.

Both are compatible for use with any Flip phone with a compatible microSD card.

You won’t be able to use Flip phones without the Flip cases though.

The phones will be able support the Flip phones in the future, but we haven’t seen a timeline for that yet.

Motorola is also offering a Flip phone case that will work with the company’s flagship phones, but it’s a little different from those that you’ll see on Flip phones right now.

It’s called the Flip case and is a plastic case with a black exterior and white interior.

The case will be available in the US and Canada for $299.99 and $349.99, respectively.

The other new Flip phone cases are the flip phone pouch and flip pocket case.

The two cases are similar to Flip phone bags but will be much larger.

Both of them will be $149.99 each and will come with Flip phone accessories and a Flip Phone case.

They will be made out a plastic shell with a flap to allow access to the phone case and a flap on the outside to allow you to slip the phone inside.

Both of these cases are not compatible with any of the Flip smartphones.

They are currently being sold on Motorola websites.

We’re not sure if Motorola will offer the Flip pocket case with the flip smartphone cases in the near future, or if Flip plans to introduce a different pocket case for Flip phones to come soon.

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