The first Kawaii phone case from Bandolier, which is now on sale at Amazon, features a picture of a girl, with a flower on her head.

Bandoliers phone case was designed by the designer, Katinka Hossa, who was born in Japan and now lives in the US.

Bandols own design is based on the idea of a flower with a human head on top.

The phone case’s main features are a button that opens a tiny window on top, which opens a small door, and two tiny buttons on the sides.

The two small buttons are a shutter and a microphone.

The camera button opens a camera lens, which takes photos of the girl and her friends.

Bandolas phone case is available in a limited number of colors.

There are two versions available: the blue version is white with a white flower, and the pink version is pink with a pink flower.

You can also choose the pink color for the phone case.

The Kawaii case features an actual flower in the background, as well as a white and pink logo.

Bandoliers phone case comes in three colors: blue, pink, and purple.

It is available now at Amazon for $99.99.

The Bandoliere phone case came out last year, and Bandolieri’s phone case has a lot of similarities to Bandols.

The design of the Kawi case is also very similar to Bandolieres.

There is a button on the side of the case that opens the window, and a shutter button on top of the phone, which open a camera and microphone.

There’s also a button in the center of the door that opens an earphone jack, and another shutter button that closes the door.

There also is a microphone and microphone in the bottom of the box.

The inside of the bandolier case is just like the Bandoleria phone case except the main camera button is not on top as in the Bandoliiere.

You could buy the Bandola phone case at Amazon right now for $149.99, which would be the same price as the Bandols phone case now.

The pink and purple versions of the Bandolo phones phone case are also available.

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