A U.S. woman says she’s had her phone for more than six years because of a faulty case that she says is too large for her.

It took her two months to get her phone back after the company she worked for said it could no longer take the phone back because it’s too big.

The case is one of several examples of how consumers are paying for damaged phones that are now being repaired, often at a cost that could amount to millions of dollars.

But some consumer advocates say it’s a bad idea to pay for repairs because they might not be used.

The phones are then left in a landfill, often for years, and many of them never come back.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it has received more than 1,600 reports of defective phones over the last five years.

Some of those phones were sold to people who were then charged millions of extra dollars for repairs that they never needed.

The CPSC says many of those cases have involved people who had been using the phones for years before the problems.

And they include the phone cases used by people who worked at Starbucks and other retailers, the people who work in restaurants and other places where people use phones as a communication device, and people who use phones to order food or take photos.

Some companies say they don’t care about the cost to consumers because consumers are not buying their phones.

That’s not true.

Some consumer advocates argue that the problem with phone cases is the price.

Consumers are spending a lot more money for phone cases that they have to repair.

The National Association of Consumer Advocates, which represents about 1.6 million consumers, has called for an end to the practice of paying for repairs with phone accounts.

It says many consumers can’t afford to pay, so they are buying the phones outright and never using them.

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index shows that nearly 90% of consumers say they can’t recommend the company that they use for repairs.

That number is likely higher because many consumers are willing to pay higher prices for phones.

But the CPSB says the industry should not be paying for phones that it doesn’t need.

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