A new smartphone case from Sanrio could change your life, according to one man who bought one himself.

The company has unveiled the Tresoro phone case to mark its 15th anniversary, and is looking to give its customers a way to reclaim the smartphone they’ve lost.

It’s a phone case that will allow you to return the handset, but also allow you the chance to reclaim it from the landfill.

The Tresoros, which is a reference to the Toreador family from the novel By the Sea, has been in development since 2007.

The design is simple and functional, and it’s an homage to the Japanese manga and anime series, as well as the character Toreadon, who was killed in the manga.

When you open the case, you’ll be greeted by a screen which displays a few simple buttons.

The case has a rounded side, and the top of the phone has an “S” in it, which signifies that you have a Tresoros phone case.

The case is made out of high-density polyethylene, which looks great on a phone.

However, it’s made from a tough material called Kevlar.

Kevlar is one of the strongest materials around, and has the ability to resist abrasion, scratches and other kinds of damage.

The phone case features a removable plastic lens and a fingerprint sensor, which can be used to unlock the phone and unlock the handset from inside.

In order to get your phone back, you must first contact Sanrio to make an appointment to collect the phone from the garbage.

Sanrio’s phone case has an NFC chip which enables you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint.

It also has a magnetic lock which locks the phone’s screen in place, as opposed to a traditional ring or pin.

Once the phone is locked, it takes a few seconds for the case to get ahold of it, and then you can press the NFC chip to activate the phone, which locks it and allows you to call the number listed on the front of the case.

This phone case also includes a battery pack which can hold about 4,000mAh, which would make the phone battery last around eight hours, according the Sanrio website.

The first phone case Sanrio has launched to celebrate the Tearos 15th year is the Treoro Phone Case.

It features a screen that is made of Kevlar, which means it’s extremely tough and won’t crack under any conditions.

The company also unveiled a new design for the Turo phone case , which is made from Tresoriac polyethylenate, and which has a curved top and bottom.

It will be available in two colors: white and black.

The Sanrio Turo Phone Case will be the first phone cases to be available on the US market.

The device that you buy, however, will determine the fate of the smartphone you have.

It’s worth noting that while Sanrio is now selling the phone case in the US, the phone cases for other countries may not be available yet.

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