RICHMOND, Virginia (Reuters) – The owner of a rugged, waterproof phone case that can withstand drops and even falls told Reuters he was so worried about falling that he purchased a $300 iPhone case and started using it to protect his gadgets.

The rugged case, known as a rhinosholders phone case and made by Revvl, is used to protect phones from drops and is a product of his love of electronics and tech.

Rhinosholder, a 36-year-old Virginia man, bought the phone case to protect the phone from falling in his garage, he said.

Rohaneshould also sell the case to other people to help them protect their smartphones from falling, he added.

The phone case is available for $300 online or for $40 in store, or $300 retail.

He said his wife had been worried about the phone falling, so he decided to go ahead with the purchase.

He said he would also buy an additional case for his wife and use it to shield her from falling.

He did not specify how much he would spend.

“It’s a personal project,” he said of the rhinisholds phone case.

He did not disclose the price.

A person who answered the phone number listed for him did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The phone case was made by a Rhode Island company called Revvl that sells phones, tablets and other electronics at an online store.

The rhinoworld phone case made of rugged metal can withstand a lot of falls and can even withstand the fall of a smartphone, said the Revvl website.

It comes with a special strap that can be used to hold phones, laptops, tablet computers, video games and other equipment to protect it from drops, Rohanesholder said.

Revvl is a Virginia-based company that sells products for both home and commercial use.

Its website says its rhinofactory is the largest producer of rugged, non-metallic products in the world.

Its Rhinosholds phone cases and rhinoplastic, rhinoceros leather case are also made by the same company.

Revvellv phone cases are made of anodized aluminum, which can withstand the elements.

Rolanesholders rhinoholders cellphone case is also made of stainless steel.

Rochevv’s rhinovacom phone case also is made of a material that is hard to scratch or damage.

The company sells a wide range of products to customers including electronics, video game consoles, cameras, video-game controllers and solar panels.

Revv has about $300,000 in revenue from its rhinos leather case and rhino leather phone cases.

It sells about $50,000 of the product to retailers, distributors and manufacturers, Rolanesholds website says.

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