A Nintendo 3ds XL case sold out on Ebay for $1,000 in less than 24 hours.

The listing was created on Saturday by a user named “todays gameboy case”, which indicates that it was created by someone in the Nintendo community.

It was last updated on Tuesday, but the buyer’s credit card information still hasn’t been verified.

The seller, who goes by the username “nintendo case” and describes himself as “one of the world’s best video game case makers”, said that the Nintendo 3d case is an “unofficial” case, which means it is not intended for normal usage and is meant for the “best of use”.

He also said that he only wanted the case to be sold “for now”.

While this is the first time a Nintendo 3D case has sold out online, eBay has a history of reselling 3ds cases that sell out quickly.

A few weeks ago, eBay sellers were selling a 3ds case for $3,000 that was originally listed for $12,000.

Last month, eBay reselled a Nintendo Switch case for just $400, while a 3d Nunchuk case was listed for more than $6,000, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Nintendo is currently looking to sell the Nintendo Switch, which launched last week.

The 3DS is currently selling for $399, while the 3dsXL has sold for $499.

The eBay listing was for a “Nintendo 3ds Case”, but the seller says that the case is “for the best of use only”.

The seller has also suggested that the buyer should get the case in a color that is not “Black”, which is not unusual for Nintendo cases.

However, the seller has not provided any information on when the seller expects the 3DS to be ready to be shipped.

It is unclear if the buyer will receive his or her purchase.

The Nintendo 3DPL Case sells out online every day.

Nintendo Switch Cases sold out, but there is a new Nintendo Switch Case for sale.

It sells for $500.

The original Nintendo Switch was released in March 2018.

Nintendo announced last month that the Switch will be available in four colors.

The case is currently listed for an additional $99, though it is unclear when it will ship.

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