By Simon Hradecky, created August 16, 2018 08:50:00Google is making the Chromebooks, the company’s cheapest, available again in the US.

The Chromebook Pixel, which launched in March, is getting a rebranding that includes a new branding, new materials, and a few changes to the hardware.

But the biggest change, and arguably the most important one, is a new software update that makes the Chromebook Pixel compatible with the Chrome OS platform.

The Pixel will also be available in the UK, Germany, and Austria, as well as in some countries including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Google is also reworking the software to be more robust, and more open.

We’ve also heard rumors of a new Chromebook Pixel that’s not coming to the US, but that’s a rumor that could change.

Google will be rolling out the update to its Pixel line in the coming days.

If you’ve bought a Pixel and want to try it out, you can head over to the Google Store to download the update.

For more, we’ve put together a list of the major software updates for all of the devices.

There’s also an update to Chrome OS that adds support for Google Wallet.

Google has been doing a lot of Android updates lately, but the Pixel and Pixel XL aren’t the first to get major Android software updates.

Google announced the Pixel 3, Pixel 4, Pixel 5, and Pixel 7 this past summer.

The latest Android 5.1 update for the Pixel line will also come to the Pixel phones later this year.

If all goes well, the Pixel lineup should make its way to Google’s main Google Store store in the near future.

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